Jan 10th 2017: The Hacking That Never Was

Players were afraid that they had been hacked, but BVG was quick to put those fears to rest. [Read more...]

Please Read: Update On Suspension Of YoRehab Price Updating!

YoRehab has recommenced updating the Price Guide! [Read more...]

New Hack/Exploit In YoVille: Official Announcement Regarding YoRehab Price Guide!

YoRehab has decided to suspend updating of the Price Guide temporarily.
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Gift Card Winner Form: Don’t Be Tempted!

A mysterious pop up has been giving many players questions!

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Agent’s Journal: If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck…

So many people are falling for scams on Facebook, but why? [Read more...]

New Freeze Warning

YoVille News DefaultFreezing is rife again in YoVille and I’m not talking about the temperature. Read on to find out more. [Read more...]

Survey on YoVille.com For Hack Victims

YoVille News DefaultImportant news for all players that have been hacked recently – Please Read On!

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Security Alert: Rumored New Hack Circulates

If it sounds too good to be true YoVillians, chances are it is! [Read more...]