House Robbers?

Glitch Report DefaultAs YoWorldians logged into their beloved accounts, many were stunned to see their homes ransacked and items missing!  [Read more...]

Auction House Eating Items?

Glitch-ReportThe Auction House seems to be the popular way to buy and sell, but now people are weary of it.. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Wings Change Face Shape

Glitch-ReportWith new releases, we sometimes get new glitches. Today’s happens to be a face shape change. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Pets Are Not Able To Be Placed

Glitch Report DefaultHas anyone been having issues with placing animals in their home? Well we have! [Read more...]

How To: Remove An Event When It’s Stuck

With all the new updates coming to our wonderful YoWorld, there is expected to be glitches. One in particular would be having your event stuck and not being able to host another.

[Read more...]

***UPDATE*** Auction House Is Back Up And Running Again!

Glitch Report DefaultAuction house is empty – no listings showing! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Glass Half Full

Yoville is heading back into the right direction, so shouldn’t we be happy?

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New Problem With The Ocean Front Home

Glitch Report DefaultNow the house refuses to load at all… [Read more...]

What IS Going On With YoCash Items In The Auction House?

Confusion continues over what can or cannot be listed… [Read more...]

Dibs Overlaps Gold Rush!

Players are unable to send requests for both! [Read more...]