If You Go Down To The Farm Today…

New Zynga News Default 11/11You can be part of FarmVille 2′s birthday celebrations! [Read more...]

Shop & Win Is Back!


YoVillians, Shop & Win is now back! A chance to get some Golden Egypt items while shopping! [Read more...]

Shop & Win Returns To YoVille!

ShopandwinYoVillians, here’s your chance to grab an awesome freebie or two again! [Read more...]

Easter Shop & Win Surprise!

YoVille News DefaultAre you getting free Easter Gifts when you shop? [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Message Box

Glitch-ReportA glitch with the message box has rendered YoVillians unable to accept gifts!

[Read more...]

RewardVille Is Closing On December 5th!

RewardVilleTime to spend your zCoins before you lose them! [Read more...]

FarmVille 2 Goes Viral – To The Annoyance Of Many YoVillians!

YoVille News DefaultPop-up sends YoVillians to FarmVille 2 if they click to accept gifts too quickly! [Read more...]

Agents Journal: I Am So Not Feeling The (Week Of Player) Love!

Dear Journal… This was supposed to be player appreciation week, but right now I really do not feel very appreciated. [Read more...]

Zynga Announces Its ‘Week Of Player Love’!

YoVille News DefaultIt’s finally here! Zynga posts its official blog, detailing what we can all expect for Player Appreciation Week’! [Read more...]

Player Appreciation Month Coming Soon!

YoVille News DefaultZynga is about to express their appreciation to all of their dedicated Yoville players!

[Read more...]