Agent’s Journal: The Mystery Of Mary Everlasting…

Dear Journal (and reader)… What is the secret of the YoVille ghost? [Read more...]

Halloween Collectibles Released: 10/20/2012

Today sees the release of two really cool collectibles! [Read more...]

Weekly Highlights: Glitches Galore, Spellbound And More

Weekly HighlightsThe end of another week is here on YoVille, lets take a look back at the happenings of the week. Another busy one full of glitches, buyer bewares, new actions and YoCash controversy.

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New Halloween 2010 Furniture Just Released!

Halloween 2010 Furniture YovilleHalloween just keeps getting better and better. Zynga just released the latest round of Halloween furniture!

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Yo Global Warming: Can You Feel the Heat?

When I first started playing Yoville, I noticed that everyone was nice, there were no yocash dealers, no fights during events, and the prices were very fair, everyone seemed to be going around and not taking things so seriously, in short everyone lived happily ever after. BUT then, came 2009 (DUN! DUN!! DUN!!!),

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