How To Series: How To Make YoProfit In The ‘Ville

YoVille How To SeriesHave you ever wondered how other players have so many coins? It is a common thought that crosses minds of new and older players alike. YoVille is not only a decorating and social game, it is also a game of buying and selling to make profit.

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How To Series: Get Your “Max” On! Learning How To Max In YoVille

YoVille How To SeriesAre you a new player wondering just what “maxing” means? If so, you have come to the right place! “Maxing” is something YoVille players do in order to earn 200 extra coins a day, plus more experience points to help you level up. Here is a step by step guide on how to “max” and a few tips when doing it.

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Get Rich Now: 14 Ways To Earn Coins In YoVille!

Get rich in YoVilleThere are plenty of ways to make coins and get rich in YoVille. Traditionally, getting rich in YoVille involves a lot of hard work, and requires a lot of time. However, there are also ways to get rich quickly. [Read more...]

Get to Know Agent Faraz and Enter for a Chance to Win

Getting to know the agentsHave you ever wanted to know more about YoRehab Agents?

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Caption Contest

YoRehab Caption ContestAfter receiving countless reports of comments mysteriously disappearing in the fan page,

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Double The Fun!

Buy coins, and get double of what you paid for! Yes, you heard it right! Today, when you buy coins, Zynga will double your coin purchases! for FREE! This is definitely one great deal! Double the pleasure, double the amount, and double the FUN!! Head to the “Buy More” page now and treat yourself to a pool of coins! Wooot! Like and share this post if you love this amazing deal! Spread the looove and tell your friends about the great news!

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Gold Mystery Boxes – Just for a bit!

Yes that’s right! Those awesome, coins and yocash stuffed boxes will be back for a limited time. The last time, Zynga released them for a weekend. And for the appreciation month, any Yovillian will be able to get one upon logging in during two random days of this week! So YoRehabians, log in every day and get your box! It’s really worth it,

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YoRehab Trading Community NOW OPEN!

YoRehab forums just got 100 times better! Presenting, The NEW YoRehab Trading Community! Buy,sell, find yocash dealers, join and hold auctions, and contests as well! A community made especially to improve trading in Yoville–a Yovillian Community. And the best part is, it’s powered by Facebook and WordPress! Woot! If you are logged in to your Facebook, creating an account will be easy peasy! Join us now! With just a few clicks, you can start trading already! Keep reading for instructions on how to join [Read more...]

Yoville Mysteries

A few weeks ago, prices of costumes were so high that it seemed like no normal Yovillian would ever be able to afford them. However, for what reasons there are, prices have seemingly dropped just as fast as they went up. You would see players everywhere selling their old costumes–yorothy, naturewoman, firewoman, and many more for lower prices, sometimes even half the price lower. Of course, this made rumors of a “re-release” spread 10 times faster than it normally would. But what is causing this drop? What really is behind this? The 3 R’srefunds, rumors, and the removal of mystery chests. [Read more...]

Contest Week EXTENDED!

We did it guys! We reached 6,500 fans! All thanks to your help and support! Now who’s ready for one more week of contests, games, prizes, and more fun? Win amazing collectibles, 08 costumes, rares, hair, and so much more! Tons of contests will be held every day until July 25! Keep reading to know how to join!  [Read more...]