Long Awaited Gold Rush Has Returned!!

Were you one of the many Yovillians anxiously awaiting the Golden Egypt Gold Rush?

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***Important Myspace YoVille Update***

New Zynga News Default 11/11

An update on YoVille leaving Myspace.  [Read more...]

YoVilles 5th Anniversary Flash Sales!

Great news today, flash sales!

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Are You Ready To Play Dibs?

Dibs DefaultDibs is back, and YoVillians are in with the chance of winning an awesome prize!




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In-Game Cursor Not Working!

Glitch Report Default

A lot of YoVillains cursors are not working in the game. They have tried different browers and it’s still not working.  [Read more...]

Glitch Report – Vanishing Zynga Posts & Feeds!

Glitch Report DefaultHave your YoVille feed posts vanished? [Read more...]

Easter Gold Rush Is Here!

YoVille News DefaultAs part of the Easter Extravaganza, Gold Rush returns to YoVille! [Read more...]

Hide & Seek Is Back: Find The Antique Candle Stand!

Hide and Seek defaultHide & Seek is back! Hunt for your own Good Vs Evil Antique Candle Stand! [Read more...]

Zynga Releases New Game Half The Sky!

New Zynga News Default 11/11There’s a new Zynga game that focuses on empowering women and human trafficking. “Half The Sky” donates to charities while you play and complete tasks, it’s a whole new kind of game! [Read more...]

YoVille Rafflie Is Back!

Zynga gives YoVillians another chance to collect those lucky golden raffle tickets to try to win a prize! [Read more...]