Agent’s Journal: With the Promotion Of FarmVille 2, Where Does That Leave YoVille?

Dear Journal… I still love YoVille but I think it needs a great big hug right now! [Read more...]

Zynga Asks For Wedding Theme Ideas!

What wedding ideas can you come up with? [Read more...]

Official News – Do NOT Expect To See YoVille On The Zynga Platform This Year!

YoVille News DefaultYoVille is not being transferred to zynga.com! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Christmas In YoVille – What Is Happening To The Game?

Dear Journal… I am at a loss here… [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: The Future Of Zynga Could Be In Players’ Hands!

What games people play, and how they play them, could determine the company’s future. [Read more...]

New Jumba Shades Dubbed New Retros

YoVille News DefaultJumba Animal Reserve Contest Winning Shades – the latest eyewear to be linked with Retros. [Read more...]

New Survery: Future Themes

SurveyA new survey is available today on future YoVille themes, have your say. [Read more...]

Lucky Letters Is Back Again

lucky letters The Lucky Letters Game is back again in YoVille.  Are you ready to win another great prize?

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YoVlog: Special Irene Edition

Yo VlogDinky Do is back again with another Vlog! This time, it is crazier than ever before! Dinky talks about Hurricane Irene, does a few special shout outs, and even more! Check out the latest Vlog now!

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Vlog: Dinky Talks About 100k!

Yo VlogDinky Do is back with a brand new Vlog! Today, he talks about YoRehab hitting 100k fans on Facebook!

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