New Buddy List Feature

The buddy list, where would our precious YoWorld be without it? [Read more...]

Loading and Freezing Problems

With all the updates, changes and releases, many of us are having problems loading the game.  [Read more...]

YoVille Community Experiences Hacker Scare!

Security Alert DefaultAttention YoVillians! Are you a YoVillian that has been staying away from events, locking up your YoHome, running to the YoFactory, and then going back home? [Read more...]

Vlog: Dinky Do – Scorching Hot

Dinky's VlogDinky Do gets hot under the collar today in more ways than one.

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Freezing Issues Will Be Fixed!

YoVille News DefaultYoVillians! Are you tired of being frozen in YoVille? [Read more...]

Unresponsive Browsers And Loading Issues Plague YoVille

Glitch reportAs YoVillians we have learned to live with the glitches that plague YoVille. Some have even found ways to use the constant lag in their favor. But most refuse to live with freezing and loading issues.

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Vlog: Dinky Says The Most Annoying Thing In YoVille Is…..Clicking!

Dinky loved all your comments and wanted to continue his conversation with all of you. In this Vlog Dinky continues his ranting and raving of what really irritates him in YoVille.

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The Big Freeze!

BigfreezeLately there has been a group of YO’s terrorizing innocent Yovillians at events.

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New Pay Raise: Is It Worth it?

yoville widget factory“Add me please, I need neighbors! Need crew! Add me!” Facebook was seemingly flooded by these phrases

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Glitch Update

glitch update yovilleJust yesterday, we have reported that a pesky new glitch

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