New Good Vs Evil Furniture Releases: 03/05/2013

YoVille News DefaultThe very first Good Vs Evil furniture hits YoVille today! [Read more...]

Missing Eyes: Lost And Found

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyWhen a new line hits the stores, some YoVillians rush to the stores. They want to be among the first to be adorned in the new hairs, eyes or costume. Some of us wait, we go window shopping. We try things on and go hmmmm. We wait to see what it looks like on someone else. Experience has taught us that what looks amazing in the ‘try it on’ window isn’t how it actually appears in the game. [Read more...]

Unisex Outfit Design Contest For Oktoberfest

New Design ContestYoVille is set to celebrate the holiday ‘Oktoberfest’.  Yovillians around the globe have been asking for sometime now for more holidays to be celebrated, now they have their wish.

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Agents’ Journal: My Items, My Price

agent journal - kendallDear Journal,

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Reliving “Noob” Memories: Share Your “Noob” Stories With Us!

Agents journal_edited-1Dear Journal, I’ve been playing the game now for over two years, but sometimes I think back on what it was like when I was a “noob”, or a new player.

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Yo Vlog: Parties and YoLove, Oh My!

Yo VlogIn the latest Vlog, Dinky covers the issue of events. Why do people post sales in Parties and Music and not Trading? There is also a special appearance by Elmo when delivering the shout outs.

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How To Series: How To Find Events

YoVille How To SeriesThe world of YoVille can be quite overwhelming if you let it be. While browsing through the stores you have probably noticed the amount of YoCash items.

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New Free Gifts: Japanese Bonsai Shelf And Japanese Cloth Stand

Free GiftsIn keeping with the latest Zynga trend, two more new free gifts were released today! Behold the Japanese Bonsai Shelf and the Japanese Cloth Stand!

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