Glitch Report: 2/10/15

Glitch Report DefaultDon’t get caught without your underwear!!!





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YoWorld Major Topics

Everyone is concerned with something going on in YoWorld lately, from the Auction House even down to the little things such as pricing. [Read more...]

House Robbers?

Glitch Report DefaultAs YoWorldians logged into their beloved accounts, many were stunned to see their homes ransacked and items missing!  [Read more...]

A Whole New World!

This has to be one of the biggest updates we have seen to date from BVG! [Read more...]

Auction House Eating Items?

Glitch-ReportThe Auction House seems to be the popular way to buy and sell, but now people are weary of it.. [Read more...]

We’re All In This Together!

Without the amazing supporters of YoWorld. We wouldn’t be where we are today. With all the updates and positives going on, its a wonder how the guys at BVG feel about saving our YoWorld. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Pets Are Not Able To Be Placed

Glitch Report DefaultHas anyone been having issues with placing animals in their home? Well we have! [Read more...]

Could A Vote Get Us Community Profiles Again?

The Forums are the best way to spread word on what changes the community wants. So thats exactly what has been happening when it comes to YoWorld community profiles. [Read more...]

YoVille.Com Has ‘Partly Disappeared’!

Strange things are afoot over there… [Read more...]

YoVille Is Back Again…

But Zynga still needs to do a bit of tweaking with the game and the forums… [Read more...]