Event Naming Standards * UPDATED*

We had mentioned in a previous article, that there were now standards on what we could and could not say in an event. [Read more...]

Event Naming Standards

Who would have guessed there were standards on what you can post in your event name! [Read more...]

Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Zynga Support Weighs In

After yesterday’s uproar of the YoVille Is Here To Stay thread being closed, one of our Agents had a brief chat with Zynga support. [Read more...]

Concern Grows As Forum Thread Is Closed And Removed

Do you recall seeing a “sticky thread” in the YoVille forums titled YoVille Is Here To Stay? [Read more...]

YoVille Forums Up And Running Smoothly

With the last announcement from Zynga being two days ago, September 4, 2013, we thought you’d like an update on the forum situation.

[Read more...]

New Forum Contest Announced!

There was an exciting new forum contest announced today. It’s time to get your superhero on! [Read more...]

Ninja Wishlist Giveaway Sweepstakes! June 2013 – Winners

Winners from the Wishlist Giveaway for June! [Read more...]

New Egypt Room Design Contest!

If you love to decorate, and you want to win some YoCash, then enter this contest! [Read more...]

***Important Myspace YoVille Update***

New Zynga News Default 11/11

An update on YoVille leaving Myspace.  [Read more...]

5th Anniversary Special Daily Contest No.6 – Decor: African Wedding *Winners*

The winners from the African Wedding decor contest announced! [Read more...]