June 26th: Courtyard Decos – Plus New Thrones!

 Not one throne but two… [Read more...]

03/10/2015: First Spring Time Decorating Items Released

Bunnies and butterflies and beautiful flowers. What Spring is all about! [Read more...]

Dinky Do – Train Kept A Rollin’

Dinky's VlogDinky talks about the puppies and wants you to choose the cutest.

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New Space Items Have Arrived!

yoville space themeAs you head into YoVille today you will be greeted by a welcomed sight — a new item pop up! Zynga just released a brand new shipment of Space items into Yoville!

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Design Contest Winning Plushies Have Arrived!

Plushie Design ContestNot long ago, Zynga held a fun Plushie Design Contest! With so many great entries, it was surely hard to choose the best of all. Sadly, the contest is over. The good news is the winning plushies have made their way into the game!

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New Tropical Rainforest Furniture Now Available!

Looking to buy something a little different, and maybe a little exotic? Well nows your chance, the new rainforest themed furniture is sure to surprise you with it’s uniqueness!  [Read more...]

Legends Bedroom Furniture Has Arrived!

LegendsIt is Thursday again and new items have arrived! This time, the bedroom furniture for the Legends line has been unveiled!

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New Free Gift: Purple Mardi Gras Flowers To Send To Your Neighbors

Free GiftsIt seems that YoVille has sort of a mini theme going on right now. To go along with the Mardi Gras king and queen table and background, the widget collectible Mardi Gras sofa and the sneak peek of the the up coming Mardi Gras clothing, now comes a new Mardi Gras free gift.

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