Re-Releases & Close Outs: Feedback & Discussion Thread Created!

Infrared Ninja wants your feedback kept in one place! [Read more...]

What New Theme Do You Want To See In YoVille?

YoVille News DefaultCoral Ninja wants to know! [Read more...]

Improving How To Section Of YoVille Forum!

YoVille News DefaultYoVillians! Are you an active forum member or perhaps you are a new member of the official YoVille forum? [Read more...]

Open All Button Survey!

SurveyYoVillians! Zynga would like some feedback on the ‘open all button’ feature. [Read more...]

Delete Button Survey! Provide Your Feedback!

SurveyYoVillians- as we all know, Zynga has listened to our request by giving us the feature of a mass delete button for all of our unwanted items. [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: City Of Love Fashion

sneak-peek-defaultAre you ready for a peek at the new attire for the theme ‘City Of Love’? Read on!

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Zynga Feedback: Valentines Day 2012!

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyAre you excited about the special day that arrives in February? Are there particular items you would like to see in the stores?

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Coming Soon: Clear Room Button And More!

coming soon to YoVille - DefaultYoVillians, have you ever wanted a more simple way of clearing out a YoRoom or even your entire YoHome to make renovations? [Read more...]

New Short YoVille Survey – Vote Now!

YoVille Update - DefaultYoVille posted a new short survey today, your feedback is needed.

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Facebook Announces Updates In Three Areas Of Your Profile

Facebook NewsFacebook has just announced it has enhanced settings within itself to allow you more control of your posts, tags and what you view within the  news feed when you log into your Facebook account. [Read more...]