You Can Now Search Facebook Timelines

Facebook News - DefaultMany people have asked in the past and Facebook has answered! [Read more...]

First New Houses, Now The Town Of YoVille Goes Full Screen!

But will it make much difference for players? [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Agent Alby Enters The YoVille Fashion Contest!

Dear Journal, I am strutting my stuff! [Read more...]

New – Yoville’s Fashion Contest Feature!

A new feature is due to be introduced very soon! [Read more...]

Yoville’s Auction House!! UPDATED!

YoVille News DefaultA brand new feature comes to YoVille – read all about it here! [Read more...]

Facebook Gift Cards Now Redeemable Towards Zynga Games!

zynga news- defaultHave you recently redeemed a Zynga gift card? [Read more...]

New Inbox Add On!

YoVille News DefaultA new feature arrives in our YoVille inbox!

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Open All For Mystery Chest Survey!


YoVillians, recently we were given an open all chest button and now the Ninjas want your feed back!

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Open All Chests Is NOT At 100%!

YoVille News DefaultSeveral YoVillians are reporting that they still do not have this new feature. [Read more...]

New Facebook Comment Feature

Facebook News - DefaultHave you ever posted a comment and thought “Wow that made no sense” ? We’ve all been there! [Read more...]