Surprising Release Hits YoWorld Today

A release that many of us never expected to see has hit the game today.




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Is Fashion Contest Another Casualty Of The 2013 Problems?

Fashion Contest usually goes down in between YoVille sponsored contests. This time it has been down a significant amount of time longer than normal. [Read more...]

*UPDATE* Playhouse Fashion & Entrance Furniture Still In The Store!

While both the Playhouse fashion and furniture were on timers for close-out, we’ve discovered the clothing is still in the store this morning while the furniture is gone. [Read more...]

Strut Yo Stuff!

 Are you a Queen Bee?

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YoVille 5th Anniversary Special Daily Contest: No.3 Broadway Fashion Contest!

The third contest is up on the forum for the 5th anniversary! Check it out! [Read more...]

Second Enchanting China Clothing & Hairstyle Releases: 05/03/2013

New clothing and hairstyles in store today! [Read more...]

New Enchanting China VIP Clothing In Store!

Enchanting China meets the Swinging Sixties! [Read more...]

First Enchanting China Clothing & Hair Releases: 04/26/2013

Zynga describes this release as ‘scintillating’. What do you think? [Read more...]

Infrared’s Two-Hours-Only Art-Chic Fashion Contest! *WINNERS ANNOUNCED*

YoVillians, are you a fashionista? [Read more...]

New Ancient Rome Clothing & Hairstyles: 04/10/2013

YoVille News DefaultNew clothing and hairstyles released… [Read more...]