YoRehab Partners

It takes a lot in the YoWorld community to have a successful fan page or group. What better way than to become a partner with one of the largest fan pages around like YoRehab! [Read more...]

New Enchanting China Collectible & Rideable Out Today!

One of each, in store now! [Read more...]

Are You Zynga’s ‘Fan Of The Week’

Zygna News - DefaultTurquoise Ninja announced in the YoVille forum that Zynga is looking for its biggest fans! If you are YoVille’s biggest fan, here is your chance to be recognized as Zynga’s Fan of the Week.

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Fan Page Wars: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

agent journal_jDear Journal, there seems to be this misconception that YoVille players can only be fans of a limited number of pages. I don’t see this idea coming from the fans as much as some pages.

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The YoVille Forums Welcome Emerald Ninja To The Ninja Team!

YoVille UpdateThis morning, Azure Ninja, the YoVille Community Manager, made an official announcement in the YoVille Forums. Azure introduced everyone to the newest member of the ninja team, Emerald Ninja!

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Zynga’s Searching For Their Biggest Fans!

fan_edited-1Zynga is once again giving players a chance to prove they are Zynga’s number one fan.

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We’re Giving Away Collectibles Everyday! Join Now!

YoVille CollectiblesThe spirit of giving definitely lasts all year round here in YoRehab! And just because we love you all so much, we’ve decided to make it a point to give away collectibles every single day until the end of Yo time!

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Facebook Page Upgrade: What It Means For You

Facebook NewsFacebook just rolled out a brand new upgrade for all fan pages. It’s essential to understand what changes have been made–not only for admins, but for fans as well.

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Get to Know Agent Cora, Your Questions Answered

Getting to know the agents You asked and now Agent Cora has answered.

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Zynga Is Giving Away Ten $20 Game Cards!

Zygna NewsIf you’re not already a fan of the Zynga Inc. Facebook Page, then make sure to become a fan now because 10 lucky fans will receive $20 Game Cards each!

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