Warning: We Have Impersonators!

YoRehab News DefaultYoRehab has been receiving messages about fake in game agents. We would like to clarify this. [Read more...]

Will Facebook Donate $1 If I Like This Picture?

Facebook News - DefaultIn short, no. Facebook does NOT donate money to ANY cause based on ‘likes and shares’. [Read more...]

Unreleased/Fake Items In The Auction House

Zynga finally acknowledges that there is a problem… [Read more...]

Gift Card Winner Form: Don’t Be Tempted!

A mysterious pop up has been giving many players questions!

[Read more...]

‘Would You Be My Neighbor In YoVille?’ Scam Alert!

Beware of a new scam link! [Read more...]

New Facebook Scam Warning

Yet another attempt by scammers to gain access to your personal information, read on to stay safe.

[Read more...]

Real YoVille To Fake YoVille

YoVille News DefaultMake your choice Zynga, would you like us to play the real YoVille or not?

[Read more...]

Important Announcement: Beware Of Fake YoRehab Agents Soliciting for Donations!

Do not be scammed by fake Agents pretending to be from YoRehab! [Read more...]

Facebook Removes Fake Accounts And Likes!

Facebook News - DefaultAs previously reported, Facebook has started to take action! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: When All Is Not What It Seems…

Are any of us really who or what we say we are? [Read more...]