How To: Remove An Event When It’s Stuck

With all the new updates coming to our wonderful YoWorld, there is expected to be glitches. One in particular would be having your event stuck and not being able to host another.

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In Honor Of Valentine’s: Hug Day!

valentines day 2013- defaultYoVillians, are you enjoying the Valentine’s Day theme so far? [Read more...]

Yoville Auction House Event!

YoVille News DefaultPost your auction listings on the official YoVille Auction House page to get more coverage and hopefully sell faster! [Read more...]

Trick Or Treat – YoRehab Style

Today the YoRehab Agents went in to YoVille trick or treating – with a difference. [Read more...]

Spin Class: Happy Or Sad?

YoVille News DefaultRecently a new feature was put in game for us to earn some YoCash and Coins! [Read more...]

Flash Mob Event- 9/14-9/15/12

YoVille News DefaultHey YoVillians, are you ready for some fun events? [Read more...]

Survey on YoVille.com For Hack Victims

YoVille News DefaultImportant news for all players that have been hacked recently – Please Read On!

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Vlog: Dinky Do – Scorching Hot

Dinky's VlogDinky Do gets hot under the collar today in more ways than one.

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Dinky Do – Event Banned

Dinky's VlogDinky comes right back to us with a Vlog about his experience when he was banned from the event and how Zynga got it “all wrong”. Dinky also talks about slow moving auctions and his non tolerance for them.

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Valentines Day Wedding Event Winners Announced

Thousands of YoVillians tied the knot in YoVille last month as part of a Valentine’s Day Wedding Event Contest. Today saw the winners announced.

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