Yoville Prices: Like or Dislike?

Water Balloon Machines, Performance stages, and Regal Thrones. These are a few of the highly priced collectibles in the city of Yoville. There is also a line-up of costumes that are in the same category. What makes these items so rare in Yoville? Can everyday Yovillians obtains these prized possessions? Will there be any more like these in the near future? [Read more...]

News Flash: Yovillians Pre-occupied with Jobs

This has been confirmed to be 100% true because the new Yoville Jobs are now available to more Yovillians; however, Platinum  Ninja has announced that this is currently available for Facebook users only. But don’t fret MySpace players! Because

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Coming Soon: Ready.Get Set.Work!

Due to insistent yovillian demand, a lot more jobs are coming to our little town of Yovillian very very soon! And they’re not the boring jobs! You get to be a Provate Detective, a Ghost Hunter, Part Entertainer, and so much MORE! Read on to know more about the job details.

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