YoNews: Zynga Not Refunding Or Replacing Original Miami One-Eye Hats?

YoVille News DefaultLast Tuesday, the 20th of March, Zynga decided to release what they called a “resized” version of the Miami One-Eye hat. [Read more...]

Check Out Quiz Corner On The Zynga Site!

Quiz CornerLooking for a way to possibly win some free game cash? If so, you’re in luck. There is a new edition to the Zynga website homepage called “Quiz Corner”.

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Security Alert: Beware Of Fake Facebook Notifications

Security alertAlways be very aware of emails that show up in your email inbox that is connected to your Facebook account.

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New Facebook Messages

new messagesLogging into Facebook today many of you may have noticed a pop-up announcing the new Facebook message center.

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Security Alert: Hackers Attack Large Facebook Pages.

securityRecently we reported that hackers were attacking people through their email accounts.

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Warning! Trojan Horse Targets Facebook Users.

securityA new email scam is targeting Facebook users, Facebook friends beware!

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Now Available: Giftable Zynga Giftcards!

giftcardEver wanted to give a friend the gift of Yocash or Yocoins? Well now you can, find out more about how this is possible below.

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