Agent’s Journal: Another Contest – Another Drama!

As the voting starts for another YoVille design contests, another drama unfolds. [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Why I think Religion Should Not Be Introduced In YoVille.

Agent Alby explains why she thinks it would be unwise to introduce religious themes to YoVille. [Read more...]

To Win Or Not To Win – That Is The Question

Agents Journal GemThe Design Contest Winners are announced – let the drama commence. [Read more...]

Agents Journal: YoVille – HackerVille – DramaVille – GangsterVille??

Dear Journal, [Read more...]

Agent’s GG’s Journal

Agent GGDear Jounal, it has come to my attention that some people on YoVille aren’t always what you expect and there are those who are unforgetable. It’s a sure thing you have ran into one, or even both! [Read more...]

Fan Page Wars: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

agent journal_jDear Journal, there seems to be this misconception that YoVille players can only be fans of a limited number of pages. I don’t see this idea coming from the fans as much as some pages.

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A Call To A Better YoVille Community

 A Call To A Better YoVille CommunityIf you are a member of the YoVille Forum, you may have noticed that the over all experience there has changed for quite sometime now.

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Chill Out With YoRehab

I know we’re all prone to have little spats here and there, but can someone really tell me where all the hate is coming from?  The funniest two  phrases that I see in yospats are:  ”Act yoAge” and “It’s just a Game”.  Both points are valid, I suppose, but doesn’t it take two to tango?  If a person is walking (or riding on their magic carpet or passing by in their new yomobile) and YoDrama is going on, can you really tell at a glance who’s winning or losing?  And, is that the point?

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Too Much Dramarama: What Should Be Done?

Work, family, worries, stress, and drama. These are some of the things people are looking to escape when they play Yoville. There are things in life beyond our control, but we create a virtual life where we are somewhat in control. There is the in-game aspect where we

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