UNDER INVESTIGATION: Having Trouble Loading Yoville.Com?

YoVillians are having problems with the YoVille.Com site… [Read more...]

YoVillians Are Still Unable To Post In The Forums ***UPDATE – Forums Are Back***

Support says it’s a maintenance issue. [Read more...]

YoVille Server Down For Maintenance

YoVille News DefaultA disappointing sight for many YoVillians today was a sign in place of the usual Yoville loading screen which stated that the YoVille Server was down for Maintenance. [Read more...]

Rumor Alert: Is Zynga Really Shutting Down YoVille?

rumorsAttention all YoVille players, there is a new rumor going around that you need to be aware of!

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Facebook Groups Game Feeds Together Again

Game feedsFacebook has been acting glitchy lately and this evening it was revealed that your game feed posts have now been grouped back together. Instead of seeing each individual post for the games you play, you will now only see the latest one posted by your friends. It will show you the latest post and say see x amount more posts from x game.

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Support Is Going To Be Down! Read Here To Learn All About It!

MaintenanceIt seems that Zynga’s customer support is once again going to be unavailable for a short time.

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How To Series: Using The Price Guide

howto-copyHave you ever wondered what an item is worth in YoVille? If so, you’re in luck! There are a lot of YoVille Price Guides out there, but with 90,000 fans, the YoRehab Price Guide is your best bet in finding the best, most accurate and most sincere prices for your items.

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How To Series: Learn How To Clear Your Cache

YoVille How To SeriesNo matter how long you’ve lived in YoVille it’s almost a guaranteed that someone has suggested you clear your cache to try and fix a glitch.

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