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YoVlog: Special Irene Edition

Yo VlogDinky Do is back again with another Vlog! This time, it is crazier than ever before! Dinky talks about Hurricane Irene, does a few special shout outs, and even more! Check out the latest Vlog now!

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New Underwater Party Event!

Underwater PartyIt’s official! Get your houses and your best underwater attire ready! Everyone’s talking about a big underwater party happening in the ‘ville!

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7 Deadly YoSins Series:: Animation Overload

seven deadly yosinsIn recent articles, we have discussed different “Seven Deadly YoSins”. The following sin is something everyone has probably done during their YoLife. It is something that many people have also kicked people out of their houses for. This article is going to discuss what may be one of the most common YoSins, Animation Overload. [Read more...]

YoVlog: Dinky Do Talks About Honesty In YoVille

Yo VlogIn the newest Vlog, Dinky Do wants to know “Are you an honest YoVille player?” Dinky discusses some situations he has come across in YoVille that deal with honesty. He also gives a few shout outs and a special guest makes an appearance at the end! Check out what Dinky has to say about honesty now!

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Yo Vlog: Dinky Do Speaks Up About All The 123′s

Yo VlogIn this Vlog Dinky talks about all the 123 questions at the Alton Towers. He also apologizes for no Vlog yesterday. Check out the Vlog and see what else Dinky has been up to!

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Vlog: Dinky Explains Why He Enjoys Playing YoVille

In this Vlog Dinky explains why he enjoys playing YoVille. He also battles Elmo for control of the Vlog – an epic battle for sure. Lastly, he announces a small game being held via this Vlog. Be sure to watch and see how you can enter to win.

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