Bringing Back Discontinued Furniture Items

A big thing for many YoWorldians is decorating. But why is it, the items we love to use the most were discontinued?

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Could Zynga’s Game Empires And Allies Soon Be Discontinued?

New Zynga News Default 11/11Are you a Facebook game user and enjoy playing Zynga’s game ‘Empires and Allies?’ [Read more...]

Patriotic Sparkler Anyone?

YoVille News DefaultAnother discontinued item is available now in YoMag, the YoVille online Fashion Magazine. [Read more...]


YoJealousy rears its ugly head in many ways, some mild forms and some extreme. An event that occurred just a few days ago gave prime examples of how YoJelaousy can effect people. [Read more...]

Major Glitch On YoVille.Com Causes Chaos In YoVille

YoVille News DefaultA massive shopping spree was had by many on YoVille.com as a glitch allowed all items to be bought from themes as far back as 2009.  [Read more...]