New Canadian Holiday Contest Winning Clothing In Stores!

YoVillians, are you loving the new Canadian Holiday theme? If so, check out these new outfits!

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New Egypt Room Design Contest!

If you love to decorate, and you want to win some YoCash, then enter this contest! [Read more...]

Canadian Outfit Design Finalists – Vote Now!

The Canadian Outfit Design Contest has now ended and voting has begun.

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Enchanting China Outfit Design Contest – Second And Third Place – Outfits And Hairs In Stores Now

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Mother’s Day Contest Part 2

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Enchanting China Outfit Design Contest Winners Are Finally Announced!

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Breaking News! Aii & Jumba Win The Enchanting China Outfit Contest!

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New Room Design Contest: Tell Your Ideas!

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VOTE NOW – Enchanting China Outfit Design Finalists

Design Contest- defaultThe ten male and female finalists in the Enchanting China Outfit Design Contest have been picked. Place your votes now! [Read more...]