Zynga Board Games Coming To The UK!

New Zynga News Default 11/11Zynga plans to release board games in the UK. [Read more...]

Zynga Raises Over One Million Dollars For Japan!

Zynga And Save The ChildrenWithin only 36 hours after its launch, Zynga had already reached $1 Million in its efforts to help Japan. And Zynga only has its charitable players to thank.

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Facebook Credits Now A Requirement For Game Developers

Facebook CreditsEffective July 1, Facebook will be requiring that all social games have their payments for virtual goods processed through Facebook Credits.

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Weekly Debate Series 1: Rage Over Pixels (Part 2)

Rage over pixelsWelcome to Part Two of our Weekly Debate Series, “Rage Over Pixels”. [Read more...]

An Improved Yoville Bank

Does anyone even know there is the Bank of YoVille?  More importantly, does anyone ever bank there?  I must admit that I’ve grown curious about the Bank of YoVille and it’s tricky math in our ever changing, increasing, and inflating YoEconomy! For those of you who have never visited

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Using Facebook Credits

People who play Yoville on Facebook might be interested in knowing how its currency works. Lately, the social network has been giving away some of these credits for free to various users, and so far they’ve proven useful. With this payment method, you can load as much money as you want and turn it into credits (of the value of $ 0.10 each) that you might save for later use.

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Is Yoville Only For The Rich?

The new Moroccan theme has successfully evoked a luxurious, elegant, and royal feel. From its gigantic golden pillars embedded with gold, to the rich and vibrant colored living room sets encrusted with shiny golden pieces. It is indeed a majestic theme– a theme for the Yo-kings and yo-queens. But with the majority of the items having a yocash price tag, we cannot help but raise a question. Is Yoville only for the rich in real life? [Read more...]