Buyer Beware: Arrow Hat Vs. Valentine’s Day Arrow Headband

buyerbeware - DefaultWatch out, these headbands can easily be mistaken for each other!

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Evolution of YoVille: Valentine’s Day Then And Now

ValentinesthenandnowLike all things, even our themes evolve into something advanced. As we look back, we see how Valentine’s Day has changed for the better and worse. [Read more...]

The Evolution Of YoVille: Collectibles Then And Now

The-Evolution-Of-YoVilleOnce upon a time in YoVille we had collectibles. The classification meant something!

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Evolution Of YoVille: New Year Then And Now

The-Evolution-Of-YoVilleYoVille holidays have seen many changes! Let’s take a look at how New Year’s has changed over the years.

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Buyer Beware: Nutcracker And Christmas Items

buyerbeware - DefaultWe have several items to bring to your attention this week. Take a look to make sure you know about them before you trade!

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Buyer Beware: Halloween Pumpkin Costume Vs. Pumpkin Costume!

buyer bewareAttention YoVillians, scammers could be at it again. When it comes to this scam it involves the new Halloween Pumpkin Costume that is available for purchasing right now in the fashion store and the Pumpkin Costume that was released in 2010 for Halloween. [Read more...]

The Evolution Of YoVille: Halloween Costumes, Then And Now

The-Evolution-Of-YoVilleYoVille has grown from a small community in 2008 to a metropolis in 2011!  We are now on our fourth generation of Halloween costumes and my how they have changed! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: 2009 Pink Heart Balloon Vs 2010 Pink Heart Balloon

buyerbeware - DefaultIt never fails that the scammers in YoVille will always try to find a way to scam the innocence players of YoVille!

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Halloween Items: Then and Now

contributorprogramBack in 2010, a flurry of Halloween items were released. There were pirates, haunted castles, evil geniuses, Yolabs, costumes, and more.

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The Evolution Of YoVille: YoCash, Then And Now

The Evolution Of YoVilleYoVille is a game that many have grown to love. Some of it’s players have even played since the beginning. The beginning was 2008.

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