Missing Eyes: Lost And Found

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyWhen a new line hits the stores, some YoVillians rush to the stores. They want to be among the first to be adorned in the new hairs, eyes or costume. Some of us wait, we go window shopping. We try things on and go hmmmm. We wait to see what it looks like on someone else. Experience has taught us that what looks amazing in the ‘try it on’ window isn’t how it actually appears in the game. [Read more...]

Weekly Highlights: Glitches Galore, Spellbound And More

Weekly HighlightsThe end of another week is here on YoVille, lets take a look back at the happenings of the week. Another busy one full of glitches, buyer bewares, new actions and YoCash controversy.

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YoRehab Writers Contributor Program – From A Fan Perspective!

contributorprogramHi, my name is Elise and I have taken part in the YoRehab Writers Contributor Program. This is a program offered by YoRehab where fans can compose and submit their own articles!

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