Warning: We Have Impersonators!

YoRehab News DefaultYoRehab has been receiving messages about fake in game agents. We would like to clarify this. [Read more...]

Auction House Bans and Glitches **Updated**

bannedPlayers have been reporting an unusual ban, which is scaring some players from using their favorite way to buy and sell. [Read more...]

Agents Journal: Friends With Hackers

Agents Journal GemDear Journal, [Read more...]

How to Contact Zynga Live Support

Zynga Live SupportPlayers across YoVille have discovered that Zynga now offers Live Support through Live Chat.

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Agent J’s Visitors

Agent J's VisitorsDear Journal, I signed on to my buddy list in Yoville today and boy am I popular! Within seconds, 3 people came to my apartment and guess what? ALL three of them had been “hacked”! Can you believe that? What are the odds of that? Of course they did know each other…..and one of them was hacked by their yo-aunt? Didn’t know such a thing existed, but apparently it does.

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Beware: The Agent Impersonators

YoRehab and the agents will NEVER ask for your e-mail and/or password. The agents will NEVER ask/borrow coins, gifts, items, costumes, rares, collectibles, or anything at all. Please be wary of FAKE Agents and Impersonators because none of the agents will ever do any of the things mentioned above. The list of agents can be found HERE. In a addition,

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Yo-Couples: Can Their Love Extend To The Real World?

In a world where there is no face to face contact one would think that the idea of a relationship is out of the question. In a relationship where there is no face to face contact, it is inevitable that our very own personal judgments and insecurity will come to haunt us. The reality of who you think the person behind the avatar is may be but a mere dream–a dream created by an illusion of who you want your perfect soulmate to be. The fear of meeting

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You Are Banned. **Updated with Screenshots**

It seems that it’s another very busy day today in the Yoville Forum. Multiple threads have been made reporting that the Ninjas (WhiteGold, Pink, Platinum, and Crimson) have been spotted in events banning players–permanently banning them from the game, I must add! Not only are witnesses reporting these, but the banned players have spoken to tell everyone their stories as well. Apparently, many players have been permanently banned from the game without breaking Zynga’s Terms of Service. What [Read more...]