Check Your Notifications For A Complimentary Curtains Drop!

The 5th Anniversary celebration continues with a complimentary Broadway Musical Curtains Drop that can be found in your notifications! [Read more...]

VIP Hair Beware – Choose Not Buy

Do you have VIP Membership or do you intend on becoming a VIP Member? If so, read on. Important information within. [Read more...]

Partying In Sydney! 09/06/2012 – New Hair & Clothing Releases

Today we see the release of the first hair and clothing collections! [Read more...]

YoVille VIP Membership – One Month On!

YoRehab reviews the first month of YoVille VIP membership, taking a look at the highs and lows! [Read more...]

Possible Glitch With VIP Hair Release From the Emerald City Mini Theme!

Glitch Report DefaultVIP YoVillians, please be careful! There are reports that players are being charged for their complimentary Emerald City hair! [Read more...]