Let’s Play YoVille Raffle!

Collect those lucky golden raffle tickets to try to win a prize! [Read more...]

YoVille Raffle Is Here Again!

Collect those lucky raffle numbers to try to win a prize! [Read more...]

Collect Your Raffle Tickets!

raffle- defaultYoVillians! Get ready to collect as many raffle tickets as you possibly can for a chance to win a prize! [Read more...]

A New Raffle Arrives!

New RaffleThe new raffle begins today! Are you ready to collect raffle tickets?  [Read more...]

Lucky Letters Is Back!

luckyletters0The fun Lucky Letters event is back again in YoVille!

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New In-Game Event: The Conquistador Returns

Another in-game event has arrived in YoVille!  [Read more...]

Four Day Raffle Arrives In YoVille!

RaffleYoVillians be prepared to collect your raffle tickets! A four day raffle arrives in YoVille! So, you only have four days to collect as many raffle tickets as you can! [Read more...]

Two Day Raffle Arrives In YoVille

RaffleAnother raffle has made its way into YoVille!

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Fashion Boutique – Cosign Option Available

A Great New Fashion Boutique has been released today with a co-sign option.

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Dear Zynga, Where’s The Beef?

agent journal - kendallDear Journal, I am very upset that Zynga has taken my beef from me. I am lost without my daily dosing of hot dogs!

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