An Avenue That Remained In The Realtors Office

We realized this morning while looking through the Realtors Office that one of the recent avenues is still available for coin. Broadway Avenue is 999 coins.

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New Broadway Avenue Released!

A new avenue has arrived in the realtors shop! And its coins! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Agent Summer Thinks YoCash Rates Are Extreme

Does anyone else think that YoCash rates are extreme lately? [Read more...]

New Alice In Wonderland YoCoin Collectibles Out!

YoVille News Default

Now in the furniture store are the YoCoin collectibles for the Alice in Wonderland theme!  [Read more...]

Be A Smart Spinner

YoVille News DefaultThat’s right, a smart spinning, yo-cash, yo-coin, energy winning Gold Rush spinner.

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Christmas Coin House Released!

christmas-defaultJust in time for the holidays! Santa gets a new hideout.

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Breaking News: Xmas Gift Pack Disappears From Store!

breaking newsIt was there! The price was 999 coins. Then poof – just like Santa up a chimney – it is gone!

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YoVille – Myspace Vs Facebook

MyspacevsFacebook-yovilleYoVille on Myspace and Facebook – Is there any difference? Yorehab goes undercover on Myspace to check it out.

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Buyer Beware: Fashion Interactive Treadmill

Buyer BewareOnce again we have to be very cautious when purchasing an item.

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