New Australia Ethnic Clothing & Hair Releases

The latest clothing and hair releases are out! [Read more...]

Strut Yo’ Stuff Is Back!

Express Yourself With YoFashion!It’s time to show off your latest threads and style again! *Official* Strut Yo’ Stuff – Medieval Fantasy Edition is here! [Read more...]

*Official* Strut Yo’ Stuff – Mixed And Matched Favorites

Express Yourself With YoFashion!It’s time to show off your latest threads and style again! [Read more...]

What is it about YoVille?

YoVille DefaultWhat is YoVille to us? What do we enjoy so much about it? Why do we invest so much time and money in it? Is it so wrong if we do? Let us look at some of the answers to these questions and try to work out what makes YoVille what it is to us all. [Read more...]

YoVille High Clothes And Hair Hit The Stores!

back to school release art Get ready to rock some YoVille High clothes and hairstyles! That’s right, the new release has hit the Fashion Store and Hair Salon!

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New Items Are Here! Time To Look Out Of This World!

spaceThe long awaited winning costumes from the Space Costume Design Contest have arrived! [Read more...]

New 4TH Of July Collectibles, Cars, And Clothes Too!

PatrioticTime to celebrate America’s Independence in style. Just arriving into the game this morning is new 4th of July collectibles, clothes and even cars too! Don’t delay, check them out today!

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Surprise! Super Special Sneak Peek Is Here!

sneak peek defaultYes it is Wednesday, so a Sneak Peek in the YoVille forums is expected. But, this Sneak Peek held a super special surprise. What is the surprise you may ask? Well, the 2nd place winners of the Rainforest Costume Design Contest are being released! [Read more...]

Summer Special 24 Hour YoVille Sale!

summersaleLooking for something special this summer? Here is your chance, today only for the next 24 hours YoVille is having a special summer sale! Get out those YoWallets, and start picking up all those groovy summer items while you can!

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Sneak Peek: New Legends Clothing Coming Soon!

Legends-1Wondering what cool new clothes we will be getting for this wonderful Legends theme? Wonder no more, Purple Ninja has posted on the YoVille Forums with pictures of a sneak peek for everyone to see!

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