Forums Closing; Confirmed Rumor

Well all the forumers have seen it, now it’s been confirmed.

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Zynga Support Weighs In

After yesterday’s uproar of the YoVille Is Here To Stay thread being closed, one of our Agents had a brief chat with Zynga support. [Read more...]

The Forums Are Aflutter With Cerulean Ninjas Announcement

Cerulean Ninja has made a major announcement in YoVille forums. She says the disabled YoCash feature is permanent. [Read more...]

CityVille 2 – The Shortest Game In Zynga History?

New Zynga News Default 11/11CityVille 2 closes on March 7th 2013! [Read more...]

Major Upset Over Theme Sale Survey! UPDATE – NEW SURVEY LAUNCHED!

YoVille News DefaultCalls for survey to be restarted! [Read more...]

RewardVille Is Closing On December 5th!

RewardVilleTime to spend your zCoins before you lose them! [Read more...]

YoVille On MySpace Continues!

YoVille News DefaultZynga announcement -YoVille is not leaving MySpace! [Read more...]

20% Off Miami – Theme Leaves the Store In Two Day’s Time!

The Miami theme is leaving the store in two day’s time. Grab a few bargains at 20% off before they are gone forever! [Read more...]

Do YoVillians Play Other Games?

YoVille DefaultI have a confession to make. Understand that I feel badly about what I am going to share with you. I have been known to play games other than YoVille. [Read more...]