An Avenue That Remained In The Realtors Office

We realized this morning while looking through the Realtors Office that one of the recent avenues is still available for coin. Broadway Avenue is 999 coins.

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Flash Sales On YoVille – Independence Day Special!

YoVille News DefaultYoville announces a flash sale on YoCash and YoCoins purchases on Sunday, 1st July… [Read more...]

How To Series: Learn How To Post Sales In Trading Pages

YoVille How To SeriesThere are tons of deals on YoVille trading pages in Facebook, like the YoRehab Bazaar. Navigating those pages can be kind of confusing, and posting your own sale sometimes seems impossible, but once you’ve mastered the art, you’re sure to get great deals!

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Coming Soon: YoVille Holiday Blowout

saleGet ready for an awesome deal on Yocash and Yocoin purchases.

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30% Sale On All Camp Yo Items!

camp saleZynga has just announced a 30% off sale on all Camp Yo items.

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Halloween Sale: 50% Off!

Halloween Sale yoville 50% offGuess what! Zynga has decided to give us one final Halloween Treat!
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New 10 Coin Costume: 3-Piece Werewolf

10 coin costumes werewolf costume 3 pieceIf you missed the insanely cheap 3-piece Dino Costumes, then you’ll be happy about this good news!

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Agent J’s Tips for Auctioneers

Last week we went over how to behave at an auction. This week we’ll look at the other half responsible for a great auction – the auctioneer or owner. A good auctioneer will have people lining up just to get a seat in one of their auctions. Many people hold auctions just to have fun and hang out with their friends while making a little coin. As the auctioneer,

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Double The Fun!

Buy coins, and get double of what you paid for! Yes, you heard it right! Today, when you buy coins, Zynga will double your coin purchases! for FREE! This is definitely one great deal! Double the pleasure, double the amount, and double the FUN!! Head to the “Buy More” page now and treat yourself to a pool of coins! Wooot! Like and share this post if you love this amazing deal! Spread the looove and tell your friends about the great news!

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Gold Mystery Boxes – Just for a bit!

Yes that’s right! Those awesome, coins and yocash stuffed boxes will be back for a limited time. The last time, Zynga released them for a weekend. And for the appreciation month, any Yovillian will be able to get one upon logging in during two random days of this week! So YoRehabians, log in every day and get your box! It’s really worth it,

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