Playhouse Rideables And Collectibles Arrive!

playhouse-defaultYoVillians, have you ever wanted to ride around YoVille in a Banana? [Read more...]

SnowVille Rideables Arrive!

SnowVille defaultYoVillians, have you been waiting for SnowVille rideables to arrive? [Read more...]

New Halloween Rideables Arrive! Get A Halloween Ghostbuster Car With Cosigners!

Co-sign - rally - defaultYoVillians are you ready for some new spooktacular rideables? If you have answered yes, then you are surely in for a treat and just in time before Halloween!

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New Rideables And Collectibles Have Just Arrived!

Is your rainforest home finally coming together just the way you want it? Now you can add the finishing touches with some really cool rainforest rideables and collectibles. Check them out now!

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New Exotic Legendary Rides Are Waiting For You!

carsTake a ride down the YoStreets in your very own legendary ride! There are 4 new rides just waiting for you to try out. Head on over to the Car Store and check them out today!

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New Vegas Cars Have Arrived!

Sparkle carAs players gather up all the wonderful new Vegas items, Zynga sneaks in a secret release of new cars! Check out the article below to find out what wonderful new rides YoVille has to offer us.

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Go Jetskiing In Hawaii! New Rideables Available In The Car Store

new carsFollowing suit with previous themes, Zynga has released four new rideables for the Hawaiian theme in YoVille.

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Three New Valentine’s Day Cars Just Arrived!

carsHave you been in the market for a new YoVille ride? If so, this may be your lucky day! Three brand new cars just arrived in YoVille.

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New Cars

NEWCARSFour brand new cars have rolled into YoVille!

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Holiday Cars Arrive In YoVille

holiday carsAmidst all the confusion over the new releases, many of you may have missed the fact that there are four new cars in YoVille.

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