Buyer Beware: New Auction House Scam!

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Agent’s Journal: I Am A Trading Thread Killer!

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Buyer Beware: Police Billy Club Vs Mafia 2 Handheld Baton

buyer BewareIt seems like every time Zynga releases a new theme, the scammers try to  find a new way to scam YoVillian’s out of all their hard earn YoCoins!

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YoEconomy: Auctions And Their YoEconomic Affects

YoEconomyWhen people hear the word auction they automatically assume it’s a fast-paced and loud version of a sale where people compete for goods. The auctions may have a “Reserve Price”, which is a minimum price that the buyer is willing to accept or it may have no reserve at all, opening the auction to any bid.  On YoVille, the environment may be a little different, but the concept is still the same.  People pile into a room hoping for a good deal on items.  However, what do these auctions do for the YoEconomy?  Are they good or bad, and do they hold a higher benefit for the seller or the buyer?

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How To Series: How To Make A Successful Sale In YoVille

YoVille How To SeriesHave you ever tried to sell your unused items in game or via the forums? If you answered yes, you probably know how stressful and time consuming both can be without a plan in place. Plans are always a good thing when dealing with money, real or virtual.

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Buyer Beware: Pink Roses

buyer bewareWe have received reports of yet another scam that players

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Agents’ Journal: For the love of Noobs!

agentsjournalsadieDear Journal, After a year of Yoville game play I’ve met plenty of users, I’ve been to many events and hosted countless sales.

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Inflation: 2008 Costume Prices Soar

08 COSTUME PRICE SOARZynga has said it before and we will say it again. Collectibles are the only ones that will not be re-released.

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