High School & San Francisco Themes Here, Then Gone Again? ***UPDATE***

Zynga promises that they will be back, though! [Read more...]

Glitch Report – Fun Interactive Cut-Outs Glitch!

Glitch Report DefaultA new glitch has been reported! [Read more...]

Interview With A Dev: Mr Kevin

YoVille News DefaultHere is your chance to ask questions! [Read more...]

Gifting Issues – FIX

Glitch Report DefaultCoral Ninja announces that the gifting problem has been resolved… [Read more...]

Agents’Journal: Please Leave Facebook Alone!

agent journal - kendallDear Journal,

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Bugs In The Chocolate? The Truth Behind The Non-Clothing Release

YoVille UpdateToday’s sweet release consisted of cars, candy furniture and the beloved Paintable Easter Eggs. But the clothes, accessories, and hair were no where in sight. This was surprising considering that the sneak peek showed the brand new clothes from the winners of the Easter Costume Design Contest.

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YoVille Will Be Under Going Maintenance!

MaintenanceIn a few short hours YoVille will be under going a maintenance period.

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Bugs and Glitches in YoVille

bugsandglitchesThere are many pesky glitches and annoying bugs throughout the city of YoVille.

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New Horse Glitch: Funny or Annoying?

Glitch reportYes, there is a glitch with the new horses. However, it isn’t the normal type glitch.

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GlitchVille Strikes Again: New Glitches Reported!

yoville Glitch ReportWhat is GlitchVille? GlitchVille is the alternate universe we all have to live with in Yoville.

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