Meet Jasper – Agent Li!

Jasper is, indeed, a YoRehab Agent! [Read more...]

Have You Checked Out YoRehab Bazaar?

At YoRehab we have our own buy, sell and trade page called YoRehab Bazaar. With over 33k likes on Facebook, it is the perfect way to connect with other YoVillians.




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First Royal India Releases Hit the Furniture Store: 02/26/2013

This is a very colorful new theme! [Read more...]

New YoRehab Trading Templates Are Here!

YoRehab News DefaultWe are excited to show you the brand new YoRehab Trading Templates which have just been released for download. [Read more...]

Midieval Fantasy: Bazaar And North Tower Items Arrive!

midieval- defaultYoVillians, are you ready to decorate your Midieval castle? [Read more...]

Where Have All The Sellers Gone?

Is it just me or are there far fewer sales in YoVille? Everywhere seems so quiet… [Read more...]

YoRehab: Who Are We? What are we?

YoRehab News DefaultYoRehab, who are we? What are we? What do we do? Let’s take a look inside and see. [Read more...]

YVlog: Dinky’s Opinion YV.Com Glitch

Dinky's VlogDinky is back with a very SERIOUS VLog. [Read more...]

Who and What Is YoRehab?

YoRehab What WhoRarely do we toot our own horn and tell you how hard we are working behind the scene. Let’s take a glimpse into some of the happenings of YoRehab [Read more...]

YoRehab Hits Another Milestone!

yorehab logoWhat a great way to open the calendar on a new year! We have breaking YoRehab News to share!

YoRehab Agents everywhere are jumping with excitement! Do you want to know? Are you ready? No really, do you want to dance in your seat to celebrate with us?

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