YoVille Community Experiences Hacker Scare!

Security Alert DefaultAttention YoVillians! Are you a YoVillian that has been staying away from events, locking up your YoHome, running to the YoFactory, and then going back home? [Read more...]

Mass Banning In YoVille

YoVille News DefaultLast night was a busy one for some in YoVille as it appears that a mass banning spree occurred leaving many Yovillians devastated and confused. [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Banning, Begging And Buying

Shelby JournalDear Journal, [Read more...]

TOS: The Importance Of Reading And Understanding It

TOSReading the terms of service for Facebook and Zynga is very important. Taking the time to do so is the most helpful key to preventing disabling and/or banning of accounts.

[Read more...]