Here Are Your Views On The Forum Ninjas!

We asked YoVillians what they thought of the YoVille Forum Moderators.  [Read more...]

Interviewees Needed For An Article On The Forum Ninjas!

YoVille News DefaultWe are looking for people to interview about their personal experiences with the forum Ninjas. [Read more...]

YoVlog: Star Spangled Ban Her

Dinky's VlogDinky’s back and he lets it all out! [Read more...]

Dinky Do – Event Banned

Dinky's VlogDinky comes right back to us with a Vlog about his experience when he was banned from the event and how Zynga got it “all wrong”. Dinky also talks about slow moving auctions and his non tolerance for them.

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YoVlog: Banned

Dinky's VlogDinky is back to welcome a very new Agent to the team: Agent Party Pants! [Read more...]

Zynga Admits That A System Error Wrongfully Suspended Players Accounts

bannedOn Febuary 15th, 2011, while most YoVillians anxiously awaited the normal Tuseday night release, it seems some players found themselves unable to login to YoVille at all. In fact they found that their accounts had been permanently disabled. Yep, that’s right BANNED!

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