Flapper Furniture Releases – 01/30/2013

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Best Western Room Decoration Contest

Room ContestWe have a great new contest for all you interior decorators! Keep reading to find out all the details.

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Wild West Furniture: Sheriffs, Bank And Gun Shop Arrives!

WildWest-150x150Howdy, YoCowboys and YoCowgirls! Today in the Furniture Store you can look forward to seeing new items for the Sheriff’s Office, the Bank and of course the Ol’ Gun Shop.

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Get Your Own Wild Wild West Town!

Wild Wild West themeThe Realtor Store has a new property to offer you! Get your first peek here.

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An Improved Yoville Bank

Does anyone even know there is the Bank of YoVille?  More importantly, does anyone ever bank there?  I must admit that I’ve grown curious about the Bank of YoVille and it’s tricky math in our ever changing, increasing, and inflating YoEconomy! For those of you who have never visited

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Funny Scam of the Week: City Bank

It’s funny how some Yoville players just won’t stop devising new ways of scamming others. Some of their tactics scream MAJOR SCAM and yet players (especially new players) still fall for them. So we decided at YoRehab to expose and

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