Mother’s Day Contest Part 2

Here’s another chance to think about your mother… [Read more...]

New Lionell Blush Pink Glitch

Glitch Report DefaultSome players are not able to see the brand new Pink Lionell Blush in the game – but can everywhere else.

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Glitch Report – Christmas Short Hair Turns You Invisible!

Glitch Report DefaultGlitched hair turns your avatar invisible! [Read more...]

Beverly Hills Outfit Design Contest Winners Announced

Design Contest- defaultThe Winners of the Beverly Hills Design Contest were announced today on the YoVille.com blog. Let’s take a look and see who won and see their winning entries.  [Read more...]

Emerald City Avatar Contest Winners Announced!

emerald cityAttention YoVillians, we are not in Kansas anymore! [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Christmas Animated Star Yober

Glitch Report DefaultAn interesting glitch is occurring with the Christmas Animated Star Yober. [Read more...]

How To Series: Stopping Your Avatar From Walking In Place

YoVille How To SeriesWe all get stuck ‘walking in place’ in YoVille. It’s annoying to say the least, and refreshing is time consuming. Here is a work around if you find yourself stuck and walking in place.

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New Zynga Game: CastleVille Released Today

Zynga NewsZynga has released a new game today called CastleVille. Have you tried it yet?

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Glitch Report: Dizzy Drinks Not Working On MySpace

Glitch-ReportDo you play YoVille on MySpace?  If so, you won’t be able to partake in the Dizzy Drinks at the Sky Nightclub.

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Glitch Report: Halloween Fairy Striped Socks Won’t Show In The Game

Glitch-ReportWe have our first glitch from the release this morning.  Have you found it yet?

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