Agent’s Journal: When In A Hole, Stop Digging!

Dear Journal… Is Dan Porter clarifying what he said – or attempting to dig himself out of a very deep hole? [Read more...]

Next YoVille Theme: Fashion Studio

YoVille UpdateYoVille has just released a sneak peek into what is to come soon within YoVille.  Wrapping up the New York City Theme with Fashion Studio Theme. [Read more...]

7 Deadly YoSins Series:: Animation Overload

seven deadly yosinsIn recent articles, we have discussed different “Seven Deadly YoSins”. The following sin is something everyone has probably done during their YoLife. It is something that many people have also kicked people out of their houses for. This article is going to discuss what may be one of the most common YoSins, Animation Overload. [Read more...]

Weekly Highlights: Contests, Sales, Features, And More!

Weekly HighlightsYet another week in the YoWorld has passed. We had a lot of fun things happen last week and more to come!

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New to YoVille: Clothing Inventory Search Bar!

clothing searchAre you tired of searching for a certain clothing item or clicking for days to find the correct item for your avatar to wear?  Drum roll please!!  What we have all been waiting for has now arrived in YoVille!

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How To Series: Joining Your Friends Live In YoVille

howto-copyHave you ever wanted to go see what your friends are up to when they are on YoVille? What about heading to a YoRehab party or Forum gathering? If you aren’t sure how to join your friends by using your buddy list, you have come to the right place! This article will explain the step by step procedure on joining a friend live.

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YoVille Addiction: How Addicted Are You?

YoVilleAs an avid YoVille player and an addict myself, I am here to tell you on a personal note that YoVille addiction is a very real thing. While I have personally been able “wean” myself from the YoAddiction I had, it is not so easy for others.

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Forum Signature Design Contest: Voting Has Opened!

signature design contest_finalistRecently we at Yo Rehab reported about a Forum Signature Design Contest. Basically, players could create a forum signature for a forum ninja and if their design is chosen, it will be used by the Ninja that it was made for.

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How To Series: Using Whiteboards, Brass Frames, Paintable Eggs, And Carveable Pumpkins

howto-copyIn YoVille, there are tons of items that you can use and interact with. Sometimes it can get confusing how to use these items, but in this article we will explain how to use a variety of these items.

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We’re Giving Away Collectibles Everyday! Join Now!

YoVille CollectiblesThe spirit of giving definitely lasts all year round here in YoRehab! And just because we love you all so much, we’ve decided to make it a point to give away collectibles every single day until the end of Yo time!

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