Hotdog Crisis: Roll Out The Barrels? Plus Temporary Fix

YoVille News DefaultAs hungry factory workers hit their fourth day without sustenance, YoVille reaches crisis point.

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Fear And Prejudice In YoVille

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultHitting the streets of YoVille the mission was to find someone willing to share their thoughts and feelings on a very sensitive subject: Prejudice. Would there be a person brave enough to admit to being prejudice? Yes, there was. [Read more...]

YoVille Year In Review: Features Of 2011

2011 Year In Review Default2011 brought many changes to our Yo-Lives. Some of these changes we love, and others we rarely use. Either way, Zynga enhanced our game play and expanded our options.

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Alton Towers Renovated!

breaking newsIvory Ninja announces changes to Alton Towers! Renovations have been done to our building.

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Forming Friendships In YoVille

YoVille DefaultYoVille is a big city with people everywhere. So how do you meet people to form friendships? [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Dinky Do Speaks Up About All The 123′s

Yo VlogIn this Vlog Dinky talks about all the 123 questions at the Alton Towers. He also apologizes for no Vlog yesterday. Check out the Vlog and see what else Dinky has been up to!

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Glitch Report: ** Update** New Paris Vacation Home Takes You Straight To The Alton Towers!

Glitch reportWith all the excitement surrounding the new Paris Vacation home, we are sad to report that this home was not released glitch free.

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