Security Alert: Refresher Course on YoVille Security

Security AlertThere has been a lot of talk of scamming and hacking in YoVille.  How do you protect yourself?

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Weekly Highlights Will Have You Spellbound!

Weekly HighlightsWeekly Highlights time again, with the biggest highlight being the start of the YoVille Halloween 2011 theme – Spellbound! House, furniture, accessories, clothes, hair and more.

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Hoax Alert: FaceBook Will Start Charging!

Security AlertMany Facebook users have been copying and pasting a message that states that facebook will start charging. However, Facebook will never charge any of it’s users new or old! With facebook growing everyday there always happens to be scams or hoaxes floating around facebook. [Read more...]

New Patriotic Plushies Arrive!

Patriotic PlushiesAttention plushie collectors, and not yet plushie collectors! Zynga has released some new plushies, and just in time for Independence Day!

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Security Alert: Fake Agents Spread Across YoVille As YoRehab Grows In Popularity

With the popularity of YoRehab and its Agents growing every day, the draw of scammers grows alongside it.

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Buyer Beware: Avatar Captain Hat Vs. Pet Captains Hat

Buyer BewareWe have found yet another way for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting players. If you are looking to purchase either of these captain hats please be on the look out for this possible scam. There are some players out there trying to pass off the Pet Captains Hat for the avatar Captain Hat.

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Security Alert: Facebook Dislike Button!

There is yet another scam spreading across Facebook. This time it involves a “Facebook Dislike Button” – if you see this  DO NOT CLICK the “Enable Dislike Button” link.

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Security Alert: Verify Your FaceBook Account!

Yet another scam on FaceBook to watch out for, there are wall postings asking FaceBook users to “Verify their account” by clicking a link. This is a scam. Read below to learn how to avoid this scam.

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Buyer Beware: Choco Fountain

Buyer BewareWe recently informed you about the Handheld Mistletoe scam that some players tried to use to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

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