Agent’s Journal: My Real Life Goal

More than a dream, this is my goal.



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Agent’s Journal: Those Who Criticise Language Skills Are Neither Big Nor Clever!

They are bullies! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal – Miracles Do Happen!

Big Viking Games has restored Alby’s faith in human nature… [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast…

Agent Alby keeps getting knocked over in the rush! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Keep Calm And Save YoVille!

Agent Alby is tired of all the in-fighting… [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Agent Alby Is Reeling From Zynga’s Recent Actions!

Alby is angry at the way that players have been deceived over the last few months! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: All Alby Wants For Christmas…

A full release and some coins to spend on it! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Who Still Works In The YoVille Factory?

Is the factory still thriving, or a thing of the past? [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Glass Half Full

Yoville is heading back into the right direction, so shouldn’t we be happy?

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***Winners Announced*** Agent’s Journal: Why Agent Alby Loves Halloween In YoVille…

Agent Alby explains how she loves to do something which she never could in real life, and she wants to offer YoVillians the chance to win a prize! [Read more...]