Facebook Removes Fake Accounts And Likes!

Facebook News - DefaultAs previously reported, Facebook has started to take action! [Read more...]

Do You Hide Your Addiction?

Alternate Facebook AccountsRecently, there have been an increased number of last names being Ville, Yo or something of that sort
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YoVille On MySpace Continues!

YoVille News DefaultZynga announcement -YoVille is not leaving MySpace! [Read more...]

Facebook Detects Multiple Accounts! UPDATE!

Facecrooks has an update regarding the multiple accounts warning! [Read more...]

YoVille ‘Friends Ladder’ Glitch Reported!

Glitch Report DefaultWe are getting several reports about a glitch concerning the friends ladder at the bottom of the game screen. [Read more...]

Mass Banning In YoVille

YoVille News DefaultLast night was a busy one for some in YoVille as it appears that a mass banning spree occurred leaving many Yovillians devastated and confused. [Read more...]

Understanding The Desire For Alternate Facebook Accounts

Alternate Facebook AccountsIn the world of Facebook gaming the term “alt account” is commonly used. These are additional accounts made by Facebook users for any number of reasons.
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Twitter And Facebook Tagging Contest Winners Announced!

tweetThe moment we have all been waiting for regarding the Facebook/Twitter Tagging Contest has finally arrived! That’s right, the winners of the contest were announced this morning! [Read more...]

Zynga Admits That A System Error Wrongfully Suspended Players Accounts

bannedOn Febuary 15th, 2011, while most YoVillians anxiously awaited the normal Tuseday night release, it seems some players found themselves unable to login to YoVille at all. In fact they found that their accounts had been permanently disabled. Yep, that’s right BANNED!

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2010 YoEconomy: A Review Of Economic Changes Throughout YoVille Last Year

yoville economyYoEconomy. That seems like such a strange word, doesn’t it? Much like the real world, YoVille has an ever changing economy. When the game began in May 2008, the items in YoVille were limited.

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