Glitch Report: Animated Bridge

YoVille News DefaultThe new Animated Bridge may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Read on to find out why. [Read more...]

Agents Journal: The Old Old Story

Agents Journal GemYoCash dealing – What rate? The age old argument! [Read more...]

Turning Off Your Instant Personalization

Facebook NewsAre you aware that Facebook allows other web sites to have instant access to the information from your Facebook profile? [Read more...]

New YoVille Feature: Ability To Accept All Gifts At Once Will Be Available To All Players Soon!

YoVille Message CenterSoon accepting gifts in YoVille will be a lot quicker as Zynga is currently testing a new and improved message box that allows us to accept all gifts sent to us all at once!

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How To Series: Finding The Links To Your Hidden YoVille Rooms!

YoVille How To SeriesDid you know that some homes in YoVille have hidden rooms? Some YoVille homes have rooms that are there, and that are usable, but do not actually have doors. No one really knows why the developers do this. Do they simply forget to add a door?

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New Facebook Messages

new messagesLogging into Facebook today many of you may have noticed a pop-up announcing the new Facebook message center.

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Security Alert: TeamViewer

securityRecently you may have seen events claiming to give free rares to TeamViewer members. Please know that this is yet another scam.

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