Does It Take Selling Everything In Order To Wear An ’08 Costume?

08 COSTUME PRICE SOARHow much of a sacrifice would it be for you to own your favorite ’08 costume? Have you already made that sacrifice?

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The Evolution Of YoVille: Thanksgiving, Then And Now

The-Evolution-Of-YoVilleThanksgiving is fast approaching, and ss we gear up for the holiday, let’s take a moment to stroll down memory lane.

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Agents’ Journal: Stop The 08 Madness!

agent journal - kendallDear Journal,

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Can’t Afford An 08 Costume? Find Thrifty Ways To Look The Way You Want!

08forless_edited-1No matter how long you have been playing YoVille, chances are that you have a dream costume that you cannot afford. Below you will find a  few examples of 08 knockoffs you can create for far less then their average going price.

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Glitch Report: 08 Nature Woman

Glitch reportAs you may have read in the latest YoVille blog there is a glitch with the 08 Nature woman.

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Glitch Report: 08 Mrs. Peppermint Costume

glitchThese days there are so many glitches going on in YoVille, it seems we report new glitches everyday.

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08 Costumes Released (Kind of)!

08 Costumes on FarmvilleYes you read that title right! A multitude of  08 costumes have been released… in Farmville!

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Next Up: Halloween 2010

Yoville HalloweenIn just a few hours, we’ll have to say goodbye to summer, and as the first day of October arrives, with it comes one of the most anticipated occasions in our little town of Yoville–Halloween! Just like all the past years, Yoville will feature a Halloween theme. Although it sounds like good news, people are scared about many things..

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Get Crazy with YoRehab’s Multi-Million Blowout!!

YoRehab’s Multi-Million Blowout is brought to you by YoRehab and RFM. Tons of prizes and giveaways every time we get 1,000 fans until we reach 30,000! Non-stop contests, prizes, giveaways, and parties! All you need to do is Become a Fan of YoRehab, and Tell Your Friends to become fans as well to be able to join and get a chance to win amaaaazing prizes worth millions of coins! Keep reading for more details!

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Yoville Mysteries

A few weeks ago, prices of costumes were so high that it seemed like no normal Yovillian would ever be able to afford them. However, for what reasons there are, prices have seemingly dropped just as fast as they went up. You would see players everywhere selling their old costumes–yorothy, naturewoman, firewoman, and many more for lower prices, sometimes even half the price lower. Of course, this made rumors of a “re-release” spread 10 times faster than it normally would. But what is causing this drop? What really is behind this? The 3 R’srefunds, rumors, and the removal of mystery chests. [Read more...]